Study painting and drawing Study painting and drawing

Study painting and drawing

Study painting and drawing is the main thing and the purpose of all the education in Academy and it’s the Academy itself. There are too many courses, which are dedicated to educate young talents to improve their skills at full strength. Education runs on English language in Italian province Florence. It could be an unexpected journey to the art skills, if you are ready to join it to improve them, so come on!

At the Academy students learn these main next courses:

  • Cooperation with Colleagues;
  • Creative Thinking;
  • Management;
  • Professionalism and diligence;
  • Ethics;
  • Civil responsibility;
  • Tolerance and integrity between different cultures, nations, races and religions;
  • Constancy and efficiency of resources;
  • Focusing on work;
  • Drawing;
  • Painting;
  • City Landscapes;
  • Composition;
  • Technique and Technology of Pictorial Materials;
  • Sculpture;
  • History of Art.

Also there are such extended disciplines:

  • Overworld Marketing and Management for New Artists;
  • Photography;
  • Teaching of Art;
  • Museology;
  • Art Philosophy;
  • Psychology of Art;
  • Italian;
  • Multimedia projects.

In the time of learning there would be twenty four events per year with five thousands of annual visits.

Staff is very gentle and ready to help their students with issues they could have in cases when they are need to.

Education is mixed up: it combines both, traditional and contemporary styles of teaching.

Education center of the Academy has located at the historic place of Florence’s territory.

An Academy has inspirational old-themed Medieval Italian library with free Wi-Fi connection in it.

All practice classes are perfectly designed to help future artists in their work! Also there has made a great connection with future business of the learner and also it provides abilites to get the producer.

Anyone could be a student of this Russian’s department of the Academy.

Basic knowledges would be achieved in any case.

Academy provides financial support: 20% or 30% discount for the best learners for third and fourth years of education.

Education is not just for the European Union’s citizens, but for another countries too. An Academy provides visas for them.

All education programmes guarantee success of their learners, your future is very close! To apply on course you must send your artworks on e-mail, which has accorded in contacts.

Education runs at: Mon – Fr.

So, we hope you will have joy with us!!! Thanks.

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